Hip & cool only take you so far in this business. The devil is in the details. And who really wants to deal with the devil? Can you just eyeball two hundred mini BLTs?

We are the original bean counters; literally counting beans... and forks, lemon drops, table cloths, Grilled Flank Steak with Chimichurri, bartenders, coat checks, and place cards.

In 2001, City Catering started with a desire to make interesting food that tasted good and was served with a simple clean style. Over the years our business has grown -- mainly (and thankfully) through word-of-mouth. Needing a larger kitchen, in 2011, we converted a 6000 square foot old service garage into a kitchen and mid-sized event space.

We strive to pair seasonal and fresh food with warm professional service and a sleek urban style. Named by Seattle Magazine as Seattle's Most Creative Caterer, we are chefs, style gurus, service geeks, and bean counters.

city catering company