We visited 85 Atlantic Artisan Vintners during Crush -- the annual grape crush that is. This 4 micro-winery cooperative located in the shadow of Safeco field carved out a little piece of community over several tons of grapes.


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Single greatest bottle opener ever

This could be the single greatest bottle opener ever. For the beer lover, the dog lover, the collector.

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Who: Polly and Rob

Where: Grace Episcopal Church

When: 08.08.08

Guests: 130

Theme: 1920's Chinese Opium Den/St. Tropez

Food: City Catering's Dim Sum Carts, Contemporary Chinese Family Style Dinner, and to-go bags of mini-burgers and shakes

Photos by: Joe & Jill Photography

Planner: Lisa Chambers

Favorite Moment: a parade of lion dancers lead guests into the tent