Bar Service

Bar Service is available for clients who want to provide their own alcohol but need qualified bartenders to do the serving. We do not charge a corkage fee. Our bartenders come equipped with a complete bartending kit.

Before you go gung-ho on heading out to the liquor store, remember:

  • Most clients buy too much and end up spending similar money or more compared to our charges.
  • Washington state law does not allow us to transport or store alcohol that we did not purchase. Which means you are responsible for getting the alcohol to and from the event — which includes kegs if you are having them.

You heard that but you still want to buy your own? We ask that if you are purchasing the Hard A, that you buy 750ml bottles. They take speed pourers and fit in the hand — these two facts will speed up service. Additionally, if you buy kegs, remember to keep them cold until service — all the ice in the world cannot cool them in a couple hours.