Bottle & Keg Cocktails

City Catering has lead the way in bottling and kegging cocktails. Back in 2011, we started bottling cocktails. A funny thing happened on the way to the bottle, we had to keg the cocktail to get it carbonized and bottled. We tapped our first cocktail at a company event that Fall and never looked back. Maybe someone did it before us, but if so, we haven’t met them.

The main reason to bottle and/or keg cocktails is to serve quickly. We can serve drinks as fast as we can pop the tops or pull the tap. It is rather incredible how fast a bartender can clear a bar line with bottled and kegged cocktails.

There is a secondary benefit to bottling and kegging: consistency. The first drink is the same as the last drink and every drink in between. We work hard to develop recipes that work in the keg and bottle. After mixing, we taste test, adjust if necessary, and then we know it is going to be good.

When To Consider Bottle and/or Keg

There are two situations that should lead you to seriously consider bottle or keg options:

  1. Everyone is going to hit the bar at the same time. Meaning they are all arriving together (perhaps post-wedding ceremony or maybe it is bus service to the event). The aforementioned speed will get drinks in your guests’ hands quickly. Leading to people enjoying the party rather than not enjoying a bar line.
  2. You want cocktails at the bar, but budget does not allow the bartender count needed. Given the speed of service, we can cut down the required bartender counts. You get cocktails and save some budget dollars.