“After 21 years of catering, I can tell you this… your guests will give you the most advice and feedback about the bar. It’s the one place where everyone has an opinion.”

-said every caterer with 21 years of experience including this City Caterer


Custom bottles. City bottles. Or, in the keg. Bottle and Kegged Cocktails get the drinks out quickly and consistently. Perfect when you have a big crowd.


Juices are fresh squeezed, syrups are homemade, and ingredients are high end. We test all recipes (the perks here are fabulous) and train our bartenders to make drinks consistently.


Catering bartenders are not all created equal. Our group is well trained and comes well-equipped to handle all bar requests. If you need bartender service only, we can do that.


We’d like to settle up.”

After years of consumption-based bar billing, in 2016 we decided to simplify the formula. We now offer flat pricing for bars. Prices start around $12.00 per person for quick, beer-wine events and head up to around $28 for lengthy, premium-full-bar events.

If you are a catering-billing traditionalist (a small but proud group), we can still offer you consumption based pricing. Let your planner know when you discuss the event.

One other note: we now have a two tier system for spirits: call and premium. See our bar packet for the current brand list. The call list will cut $4-$5 per person off a full-bar bill (depending on length of party).

We can also handle ticket-based bars and cash bars. If you are trying to keep a handle on over-consumption, tickets can help. If your event calls for a cash bar, we have a mobile POS system that is fast, reliable, and takes credit cards.

It’s Time For

A Quick Word About Responsibility

Events are time for celebration. Happy times that need to be remembered for what they represent: product launch, wedding, holiday party. We want your event to remain a happy memory. For that reason (and a strong push from the law), we take bar service seriously.

Washington State Law requires that alcohol consumption is limited to those of legal drinking age (21 or older). Additionally, it prohibits alcohol service to those who appear intoxicated. While the party must go on, our service must comply with all Washington State laws related to the service of alcohol. Please respect that our bartenders are personally responsible to follow Washington State Liquor Laws.

Yes, we all want to keep the good times rolling. Let’s just agree to do it responsibly.